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On Fontanes traces


„Tracing Fontane“

After 4 volumes of his "Wanderungen durch die Mark Brandenburg" had already been published, Theodor Fontane (at an advanced age) tackled a project that has remained unfinished, a book about the Bredow estates in Havelland.
For this project Fontane traveled to Landin in 1889. He visited Max von Bredow and his wife Eugenie, and from the 27th of May 1889 stayed there for 6 days. Starting from Landin he visited other Bredow estates in the area for research: in that week he went to Kriele, Senzke, Liepe, Wagenitz, Görne, Kleeßen and Friesack. However, in 1891 (7 years before his death) Fontane gave up his plan and no longer pursued the idea of ​​the book about the Bredow estates.

Today I live in an outbuilding of the former Bredow estate in Landin (the only surviving building of the estate) and now I walk on Fontanes traces from Landin to the places where Fontane did the research for his planned work. As part of the 12th Havelland Artist Symposium "Fontane 200" I almost carry on this work, so to speak, with my own means. That is, I collect impressions from these villages in the form of photographs, which I then edit and merge into my pictures. Thus, pictures from these places are created gradually. Beginning with Landin, the starting point of both of our works, there will be pictures from Kriele and other places.
The first works of this cycle will be on display in the exhibition for the 12th Havelland Artist Symposium at the gallery KunstPunkt of Landhaus Ribbeck.

Exhibition: 23/03/2019 - 31/12/2019.





„Reigen“  -  a cycle of 8 pictures

A series without beginning or end.
In each picture an element of the preceding picture appears and shows itself in a new context – sometimes more clear, sometimes less obvious; be it by form, structure or color.




„Valdonica“  -  pictures for a Tuscan winery

When I first met Martin Kerres, the owner of the Valdonica winery, many years ago, he was just starting Valdonica. Over the years I kept coming back to Valdonica.

In 2017 the idea was born that I make images for some soon to be constructed buildings on the winery that would have a direct connection to or originate from Valdonica. I decided to create these new Kunfando images by combining photographs taken in Valdonica with photographs from other parts of the world. The resulting pictures are therefore also based on photographs from e.g. Warsaw, Rome, Lapland, Germany, India and Portugal, which now form a special link with the Valdonica photographs.


On Fontanes traces

As part of the 12th Havelland Artist Symposium



Ceramics from Landin:
Atelier Saralya

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