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Abstract, experimental photography by Dirk Friese

Through modification, combination and fusion of several photographs different forms, structures, transformed colours and images emerge, in which the originally depicted elements dissolve more and more. A completely new, original space opens up that invites you to make individual associations.

My work with this kind of experimental photography began in 2009. Experimenting with the manipulation of digital images and merging different photographs led me gradually to a process of creating images that I now call "Kunfando", which means as much as fusion.

The Kunfando pictures are made from photographs of all sorts of things, sometimes only small details or macro-photos. Their shapes, textures and colours provide the basic material of the images created in the following process. The resulting images are often more reminiscent of abstract painting than of photography.

Modifying and fusing several original photos changes the content completely. New shapes, colours and images emerge, in which the objects of the underlying photos are usually no longer recognizable. But the photos are not simply superimposed, instead only parts of the individual photos reconnect with parts of other photos. Other parts disappear entirely. The original elements and their natural meaning dissolve and something new and abstract comes into being. While processing these images on the computer uses technical means, it follows primarily the intuition. The result is often complex, sometimes very colour-intensive.

The Kunfando images are not a depiction of things in the classical sense. However, they reveal things that were formerly concealed or that arise from the combination and rearrangement of various aspects from the different photos and then get a life of their own.

The original images are dissolved to a degree until the obvious content almost disappears. This opens up a space for new associations and touches the viewer in varied ways. This room for feelings, free imagination and individual association is what I am interested in. That’s why in most cases the work deliberately does not carry any title, in order not to lead the imagination and impression of the viewer in a certain direction.

The images can be purchased in various sizes. If you are interested, please contact me.
Dirk Friese

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