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Valdonica“  -  pictures for a Tuscan winery

On the origin of this work:
When I first met Martin Kerres, the owner of the Valdonica winery, many years ago, he was just starting Valdonica. Over the years I kept coming back to Valdonica and visited Martin and Karma, who quickly became friends, in this wonderful place.

A first artistic collaboration emerged during a visit in 2011 as part of the Valdonica Art Foundation. In a conversation between Martin and me, the idea came up to capture the concerts of Valdonica on CD and that I would take over the design of the CDs and their covers. In the following years I made several covers for this concert CD series, which already contained some early works of my Kunfando images in the artwork.

In 2017 - during another stay in Valdonica - the idea was born to create images for the soon to be constructed buildings at the "Capo Pagiano" that have a direct connection to or originate from Valdonica. I decided to create these new Kunfando images from photographs partly taken in Valdonica, but each combined with photographs from other parts of the world. The resulting pictures are therefore also based on photographs from e.g. Warsaw, Rome, Lapland, Germany, India and Portugal, which now form a special link with the Valdonica photographs. Corresponding to the spirit of Valdonica: rooted in Tuscany and at the same time open and multi-cultural, bringing together influences from all over the world.
The pictures shown below are a part of the result of this work. Alongside a few earlier images, which already contained influences from Valdonica, there are mainly pictures from the year 2017, which were created after the mentioned conversation.

Gallery "Valdonica": (click to enlarge images.)